When will I receive tracking info?

Every customer receives tracking details at least 24 hours after order has been shipped.

Does the hair take color?

Yes indeed! Our Elite collection is 100% virgin remy human hair. It has not been chemically processed period. This hair will lift to color 613. Please note, once you color the hair it is no longer virgin which could cause shedding & the hair may not last as long. It’ll require extra care as in deep conditioning & moisturizing it often.

How long will the hair last?

Our Hair will last you 3-5 years with proper care. Please treat your virgin hair like your own as it is human hair. Take care of it & it’ll last you a long time. The longevity of your extensions will be based on your care & upkeep.

Can I make changes to my order?

Because we try to process & ship orders out as fast as possible, we don’t allow order changes. However, you can exchange items once received. See exchange policy section.

How long does shipping take?

Please see our policy section for shipping & return details.

How many bundles are needed for a full install?

-12” to 16” we recommend 2 bundles
-16” to 22” we recommend 3 bundles
-24” to 30” we recommend 4-5 bundles
*These recommendations are for a natural look. For fuller looks, add another bundle.


Disclaimer: these are only recommendations. The number of bundles could vary depending on the style & other factors. Verify with your stylist to be sure.

What color dO your extensions come in?

We will make an effort to match all bundles in your order by color. Because our hair is 100% virgin human hair, each piece comes from one individual so we cannot guarantee all your bundles will match perfectly in color. Bundle colors range from natural brown to natural black. We cannot guarantee the color of the bundles you will receive.

What is virgin remy hair?

Our hair is 100% virgin remy, single donor extensions meaning it was collected from 1 person and not from the floor like most low quality hair on the market. It’s remy so all cuticles are aligned which keeps the hair tangle free. The hair was donated from a donor that hasn’t chemically treated their hair so it’s top quality.

What should I wash the hair with?

Please see our hair maintenance section on the website.

Do you offer wholesale?

No we do not.

Can curly & wavy textures be straightened?

Absolutely! Our extensions can be straightened and curled and returns to near natural state after applying water and leave in conditioner. We suggest using a heat protectant before doing so. Please see our hair maintenance section for product suggestions.

Why should I buy your hair when it’s cheaper at other places like the beauty supply store?

100% Virgin remy single donor hair is one of the best on the market. Unlike many others with chinese suppliers who are lying to U.S buyers about the origins of hair & giving us low quality chinese hair under false names (like Mink & 10A), we follow our suppliers to different countries watching them hand pick the best hair for us. We can assure you that our hair is real human hair that behaves & looks natural. Also, if you properly care for the hair, it will last you many years & you can reuse it for many installs. If wearing long lasting, quality human hair is important to you, you must try our tresses. Though our hair is pricey, you won’t have to buy new hair for future installs like you do with cheaper quality or beauty supply store hair so you’d actually be saving in the long run. Let’s do the math! You spend $150-200 on cheaper quality hair. You may wear it for 2 installs if you’re lucky. The install will last 1-2 months. For the year that’s $1200 spent on cheap hair because you have to replace it every 2 installs. With our hair you spend between $300-400+ and reuse this same hair for years. That’s a lot cheaper than $1200 a year replacing cheap hair.