1. Always comb hair from ends to root with a wide tooth comb.

2. Though it’s not required, we suggest co-washing your bundles before installing. Co-washing is when you use conditioner only to wash the hair.

3. Always let the hair air-dry. Blow drying bundles is the worst thing you can do. Never sleep on wet hair.

4. Our bundles DO NOT require you to put any oils or products on them. If you must use oil, only apply a dime size amount as need.

5. Only use sulfate free,alcohol-freee, paraben free products.

6. Wash your bundles with shampoo once or twice a month. Co-wash your bundles once a week. Always comb out tangles before washing.

?Never use hot water. Use lukewarm to rinse shampoo out & rinse


out with cool water. Hot water dries the hair out especially curly & wavy hair.

7. Sleep with a satin bonnet at night. For extra care, sleep on a satin/silk

pillow case


8. For wavy or curly textures:

Get you 2 empty spray bottles, fill one with plain water.

Use water only if you want more of a kinky, big hair look. You can take a small amount of moisturizing conditioner & apply from root to ends.

Fill the other bottle with half water, half conditioner. Spray hair with water first then spray with water/cond mix as much as you need. Use this to comb & detangle your hair. This will give a more tamed, natural look. Use a Denman brush to comb the hair. Always comb from bottom to top.


Good products:


Shampoo & conditioners

OGX coconut milk shampoo & conditioner

Herbal essence hello hydration shampoo & conditioner

Biosilk silk therapy shampoo & conditioner

OGX coconut curls (for wavy/curly hair)

Aussie mega moist shampoo & conditioner



Detangling Conditioner


conditioner for dry hair (white bottle) mix with water for wavy/curly hair. DO NOT USE THIS TO CONDITION YOUR HAIR.



Co-wash/Cleanser conditioner

Eden body works coconut shea


As I am coconut


Aunt Jackie flaxseed purify me




Deep conditioner/treatment

OGX renewing argan oil intense moisturizing treatment

Aussie 3 min. miracle moist



Heat Protectant

Silk Elements olive heat protection

OGX silky blowout thermal spray



Curl Defining products

ORS curls unleashed curl defining cream



curling curl define cream

Garnier Fructis curl calm down


For Frizz

Garnier Fructis

anti frizz


Suave sleek anti-frizz cream



OGX coconut miracle oil

Biosilk therapy oil