Our collection is a lifestyle. We’re the Beverly Hills of hair! Great things don’t have to scream for attention, great hair grabs the stares regardless. Our bundles will win you over after one wear.


Our CEO, Lady, started out in the music business & of course, you can’t be a musician without bomb hair. She began to study weaves from that day forward. She discovered the good, the bad & the ugly things that most consumers never learn. Fast forward to 2017, after many disappointments & wasted money on hair, she decided to find the best bundles & share it with the world. Not only sharing bundles but sharing knowledge and helping ladies learn the inside details about hair so we’re all aware of exactly what we’re spending our money on. Most things you find popular about hair are a lie & a scheme to get you to spend more money. We have an honest policy, we vie to tell you the truth whether it be good or bad & let you decide what you want to spend your hard earned money on. “Teaching women everything to know about weave so they can make better choices when purchasing weave & get more bang for their buck was a goal before selling hair.” -Lady


With that being said, we’re glad to have you here. Our top priority is #1 customer service along with great products & providing the known to the unknown. If you’re looking for a future filled with knowledge, good hair and years of slays stick around for the ride!